Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings at Crossroads

About a week and a half ago, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings stopped into to Kansas City as part of a co-headlining tour with Trombone Shorty.  The show, at Crossroads behind Grinders featured an excellent crowd which had to be near capacity and beautiful weather.  The tunes were jumping and the crowd was dancing for a great show.

Here's some images from the show:

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Middle of the Map Festival Day 2, The 2016 Edition

Day 2 of the Middle of the Map Festival this year was even better than the night before.  We caught a number of acts with lots of pictures and audio for your eyes and ears.  Rather than get into the weeds on details, check out the show!

Shadow Rabbits

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Lauren Anderson

Audio from Lauren Anderson's set

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Amy Farrand and the Like

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Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds

Audio from Chris Meck's set

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The Philistines

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San Fermin

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Various Blonde

Audio from Various Blonde's set

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Ford Theatre Reunion

Audio from Ford Theatre Reunion

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Middle of the Map Festival Day 1, The 2016 Edition

This year's Middle of the Map Fest (MOTM) underwent several substantial changes.  Gone are the days of the fest taking place exclusively in Westport.  This year the open two nights were held in Westport while the latter two days were held in the Crossroads and Midland Theater. It created a very intimate feeling for the first two nights and more of a big time festival for the finale.  Also this year, the Record Bar had a sneak peek with pop-up shows at their new digs on Grand across from the Cigar Box.  Overall, the changes were definitely for the better.  Without further ado, here is night one:

Jorge Arana Trio

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Nicholas St James

Audio of Nicholas St James' set

LA Witch

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Cowgirl's Train Set

Audio from Cowgirl's Train Set's set

Julian Davis & the Hayburners

Audio from Julian Davis' set

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Sharks in the Deep End

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