Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Metal: Lamb of God and Anthrax at the Midland

Last Tuesday at the Midland, a full-blown metal invasion took place featuring thrash metal pioneers Anthrax, vets Lamb of God and newcomers Deafheaven and Power Trip.

Texas-based Power Trip got the show started off on a great opening set full of heavy breakdowns and great guitar riffs.  Following Power Trip, San Francisco's Deafheaven played a 45 minute set that was heavy on the black metal with some really esoteric passages reminiscent of shoegaze music popular over the last few years.  It was a decidedly different sound from Power Trip and what would follow with Anthrax.

Anthrax, one of the forefathers of thrash metal is still doing it after nearly 35 years touring in support of their upcoming album "For All Kings". The band hit on several classics as well as two tracks off the upcoming album.  Unfortunately, Charlie Benante was unable to make this leg of the tour due to ongoing carpal tunnel related issues so Jon Dette filled in on drums.

Headlining the night was Lamb of God.  The band covered much of their catalog hitting many fan favorites as well as several tracks from their latest release "VII: Sturm und Drang".


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Lamb of God

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Until We Meet Again: Farewell to the Record Bar

Saturday, January 2, 2016 marked the final show at the Record Bar as we currently know it.  On this night the honors of sending her off two local groups: Your Friend, Making Movies.  It was a sold out show with every inch of the bar filled to the gills with fans and patrons from over the years having one last go in the venue.

Record Bar has a special place for me because I had a lot of firsts there.  It was the first place we played our Morphine cover set with Found a Job when it was still Molly Picture Club.  RB was where we saw the Members of Morphine bring those same songs back to life and carry on the spirit of Mark Sandman.

The Record Bar was where we stood in the freezing cold on a Wednesday night to see Daptone artists the Budos Band blow the doors off with two hours of incredible funk/afro-beat.  We made so many friends, met so many musicians and forged many bonds. We saw quite literally hundreds of local artists grace the stage to share their talents with us.

It's hard to think the place is gone at least in its current form.  For years it served as a hub for us.  The staff treated us generously and always friendly.

We were recently at the Holy Cow Market for a party and there leaned against a wall was "the sign".  It was dirty and faded, parts of the mounting hardware lay nearby.  You could see the faded paint underneath where the original logo had been.  Standing there, looking at it was like staring at a ghost.  You knew what you were looking at, but you didn't couldn't equate it in your brain.  It was surreal.  People passed by and looked at it like they were at a memorial service, quietly whispering to one another.

Leaving the market that night, looking at the sign one last time, was difficult to put into words.  I had the feeling that I don't get often.  It was a feeling I'd rather not have.

The Record Bar is gone, hopefully just for now.  But it will always represent a community of people that we hope to call life-long friends.  Until we meet again, farewell Record Bar.

Your Friend

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Making Movies

AUDIO from Making Movies' set

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NYE with Freight Train, Rabbit Killer at Westport Saloon

Here's a bit of the NYE show at Westport Saloon with Freight Train Rabbit Killer and their special guests, The Legion of Ghosts.  I've got a bit of audio from the set too.

AUDIO of the FTRK set

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Riddim and Grisly Hand at the Brick

On a frosty night in December after Christmas, the New Riddim and Grisly Hand kept it hot at the Brick in the Crossroads with a swinging night of tunes.  The New Riddim gave a ran the gamut of ska, and reggae tunes.  The end of the set featured a fun bit with Rico taking the mic while members of both bands shuffled to play a couple "Christmas" tunes. Mike Stover even sat in to add a little pedal steel.

The Grisly Hand followed up with their brand of roots, americana, country music and led ended the holiday weekend on a great note.

We've got audio from both sets including Rico's Christmas set and lots of images so have a look:

New Riddim/Rico's Christmas

New Riddim and Rico's Christmas AUDIO

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The Grisly Hand

AUDIO: The Grisly Hand

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Noise for Toys: Noise FM and Bonzo Madrid at Record Bar

Back in December before Christmas, (Sorry, we're behind) Noise FM hosted their annual Noise for Toys fundraiser at the Record Bar.  Bonzo Madrid, the Author and the Illustrator provided support.  We've got a board recording for the entire Noise FM set AND lots of pictures to boot.  Check it out:

Bonzo Madrid

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The Noise FM

AUDIO: the Noise FM complete set

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Conquerors and Berwanger Release Show at the Blind Tiger

Back in the middle of December, the Conquerors and Berwanger held a release show at the Blind Tiger's basement venue.  Both releases from KC-based High Dive Records, a 45 from the Conquerors and an EP from Berwanger features new material from both bands.  The El Rey Tones, Drugs and Attics opened.


Audio from Berwanger's set

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The Conquerors

Audio from the Conquerors set

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