Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Macabre Halloween at Knuckleheads' Garage

Back on Halloween, the My Brothers and Sisters hosted an evening of music at Knuckleheads' Garage featuring a number of performers including: Jessica Paige, Calvin Arsenia, Sarah Tannehill Anderson, and Christian Robinson.

The show included a number of classic horror movie soundtracks and themes performed by members of My Brothers and Sisters with about a 10 piece wind, brass and string ensemble accompanying.  Each song had video clips of the movie cut to match.  It was quite well done.

One of the highlights of the night was Sarah Tannehill Anderson performing the Diva Plava Laguna opera number from the Fifth Element.  It was really, really impressive.

To be frank, each vocalist that performed during the evening was incredibly talented.  The musical arrangements were well done and the visuals were well executed.  My main criticism was the time between numbers, it didn't have a steady flow that really kept things moving.

However, all in all it was good show featuring something out of the ordinary done by highly talented musicians from all over Kansas City.  Cheers!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Big Freedia and Boyfriend at Riot Room

Last Saturday at the Riot Room, New Orleans' Queen Diva of bounce music Big Freedia headlined a sweaty raucous crowd at the Riot Room.  Opening support was provided by fellow New Orleans rapper Boyfriend.

Boyfriend is an interesting act. She essentially performs a rap burlesque show complete with fairly elaborate stage set and outfit changes.  Her rap is often described as raunchy, which it is. But some have to wonder if the raunchy label is because it's a woman performing subject matter that has been widely done by male performers over the years. She's incredibly difficult to categorize as any one thing. In some ways she seems to almost be performing a parody of some of the more misogynistic elements of hip-hop.

There's no doubt she is a talented performer with a solid ability to rhyme. Her show is  highly entertaining and incredibly unique. I've never seen anything quite like it.  Here's a few images of Boyfriend's set:


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Big Freedia took the stage with four dancers and DJ in tow.  The Queen Diva as Big Freedia is known had asses shaking and dancers moving.  The show is one of the highest energy shows you'll ever see.  The dancers maintain a frantic pace along with the high-tempo music that bounce is.  The bass vibrated the Riot Room for the 85 minute set.  Another great Freedia show...

Big Freedia

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All My Friends Headlined a Night of Tributes at Record Bar

Back on Oct 30, All My Friends (members of Noise FM and Bonzo Madrid) headlined the night of tribute acts at Record Bar covering LCD Soundsystem.  Opening the show were Tim and Luke (aka the fat kids from Me Like Bees) as the Wide Stripes.  The members of Roman Numerals held the middle slot with a tribute to Joy Division.

We've got audio of basically the entire show so have a listen and browse the images below:

The Wide Stripes

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Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division Tribute

All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem Tribute

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Friday, November 13, 2015

ALCS: Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds, Katy Guillen and the Girls, and GAV7D at Record Bar

Back on on October 23 at the Record Bar, a group had gathered in front of the big screen at the Record Bar to take in the Royals ALCS clinching game.  The game was ticking along and it was close but they Royals were behind.  Then the rain delay.

Musicians and bar staff discussed, watched the screen, and finally decided to setup and get the show on the road.  If they didn't start soon, there wouldn't be time to fit in all three bands.

Off Chris Meck and Guilty Birds went with the opening set.  About five minutes into the set, the game resumed and baseball/music fans alike were met with a terrible dilemma, "Watch the game or listen"?  Most did their best to split their attention.  This turn of events made for a really interesting recording of the set.  During the performance you can hear cheers as the Royals went ahead and then finally clinched the ALCS.

Chris Meck finished the set with, "We're going to the World Series!" as the crowd really loosened up and the celebration began in earnest.

Katy Guillen and the Girls followed with the middle set and GAV7D closed out the night.

Check out the audio and images below:

AUDIO - Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds set

AUDIO - Katy Guillen and the Girls set

Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds

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Katy Guillen and the Girls

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Felabration: Hearts of Darkness, Abnorm at Record Bar

Here's some images from this year's Felabration featuring the Hearts of Darkness and Abnorm.  The show took place back on Oct 17th at the Record Bar.


More Abnorm pics

Hearts of Darkness

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Second Sight Vinyl Release with New Riddim

New Riddim recently held a release for the vinyl version of their latest release 2015 at Davey's Uptown.  Two copies of the vinyl were available one a standard black wax and also a German-pressed clear blue album.  I still haven't gotten my record player fixed but this just may motivate me.

It was a great show featuring support from reggae outfit the Tektites.  We've got audio of New Riddim's entire set for your listening pleasures.  Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Them Howling Bones and Rev Gusto at Harling's

Recently, LA band Them Howling Bones was in town on a short tour with support from locals Rev Gusto and Nicholas Saint James.  We caught the Rev Gusto set and Them Howling Bones.  Them Howling Bones was great.  Loud, fuzzy, garage rock complete with retro style and sound made for a great set. We've got audio of the entire set for your listening pleasure.  Rev Gusto was also performing with a new slimmed-down lineup. Check it out:

Them Howling Bones - Audio

Rev Gusto

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Them Howling Bones

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