Monday, March 2, 2015

The Big Folk Alliance Post

We managed to get down to the opening night of the Folk Alliance Conference, dubbed "Planet Folk" at Westin Crown Center and Sheraton Hotels 2015 edition.  We've got audio tracks and images from the event.  There was a great turnout with many rooms full of musicians, music lovers and folk fanatics from all over the world in town to see everything we can bring to a music party.  It was a good showing KC!

The sheer volume of musicians and music acts from around the world performing showcases throughout the hotels, impromptu jam sessions and meetings were simply staggering.  Just trying to get a handle on everything that was happening at any given time was mind-boggling.  I hope next year the day gig will be a little less crazy so I can spend more time down there.  Looking forward to the next time Planet Folk's orbit crosses KC next February.

In the meantime, check out all we saw:

Click here for audio from several performances including: The Latenight Callers, Grisly Hand, Dollar, Fox, Rural Grit, Victor & Penny, Schwervon!

Click any image for the rest of the slideshow

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making Movies and Allyu at Record Bar on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's day at Record Bar, Making Movies performed to a sold out crowd featuring songs spanning the band's entire catalog. The set featured two new tracks and a couple covers in addition to Making Movies originals.  Recently returning from a six-week long stint on the west coast, the band debuted new material and joined openers Allyu, a latin folk ensemble, during the opening set.  Allyu would join Making Movies during their set to perform an acoustic number.

Here's audio, video and images of the show:

Click for more Making Movies and Allyu

Audio from the show is here.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The New Riddim Second Sight Release Party with the Uncouth

Friday night at Vandals, the former Black and Gold Tavern under new ownership, the New Riddim, had a release gig for their 2nd album "Second Sight".  Opening for New Riddim were local punk rockers the Uncouth.

This week, in addition to pics, we've got video and audio tracks from the show.  Hopefully, this will be a regular feature on the blog.

Click to see more of the Uncouth

Upload Music - Listen To - The Uncouth - If The Kids Ar...

Click for more New Riddim

Listen to - New Riddim - One Way Street
Click the YouTube Channel and Audio Channel links at the top for more from the show!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Midcoast Takeover: The Latenight Callers, The Philistines, The Sluts

Down at the Record Bar, we caught the second of three Midcoast Takeover fundraisers.  We saw three sets featuring:  The Latenight Callers, the Philistines, and the Sluts.  It was a solid night of rockin tunes for a great cause.  The event is helping to send something like 80 artists and bands from the KC area to Austin for a showcase during SXSW.  Check it out:

Click to see more of the Latenight Callers

Click to see more of the Philistines

Click for more Sluts

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Merit Badge, Sapwoods, Drew Black and Dirty Electric at Record Bar

A couple weeks back we caught a great show down at Record Bar. The lineup featured: Merit Badge, the Sapwoods, and Drew Black and Dirty Electric.  The band Merit Badge made their debut.  Billed as "Instrumental boy scout rock" they played a set of rock and roll tunes all featuring names based on found phrases from the Boy Scout handbook.

Click for more Merit Badge

Following Merit Badge was the Sapwoods from Iowa City.  This was the first trip to KC for the group and they were well received by the crowd.  They were a great group of guys who we hope to see back in town again.

Click for more of the Sapwoods
The headliners for the evening were Drew Black and Dirty Electric.  They ripped through a set of loud, hard rocking numbers before calling it a night.

Click for Drew Black and Dirty Electric

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Year, the Friday After with: Me Like Bees, Electric Lungs and The Westerners

Over at the Record Bar on Friday of the new year, there was yet another great show on tap.  This time around the show featured fellow travelers Me Like Bees and the Westerners with local punks Electric Lungs.  Here's some images:

Click for more of the Westerners

Click for more Electric Lungs

Click for more Me Like Bees

Thursday, January 15, 2015

NYE: Record Bar with Radkey, Drop A Grand, Bummer and Mace Batons

We rang in the New Year at Record Bar with an excellent selection of hard rockin, punk infused, thrash tunes by the bands Radkey, Drop A Grand, Bummer and Mace Batons.  It was a loud night with ice cold beer, good vibes and a new year. Check it out:

Click for more Mace Batons
Click for more Bummer

Click for more Drop a Grand

Click for more Radkey

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Clementines, Katy Guillen and the Girls at Coda

Back around Christmas, we caught a great show full of blues, rock and soul from a couple of great local bands at Coda.  Miry Wild opened the show, but we didn't make it down until the Clementines set.  The evening finished with Katy Guillen and the Girls. It was a packed house that had to be pushing capacity in the cozy pub.  Check it out:

Click for more of the Clementines

Click for more of Katy Guillen and the Girls

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Night One: The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas (Part 2)

Night one of 96.5 the Buzz' annual event "The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas" was held at the Arvest Bank Midland on Dec 19.  The sold-out event featured: Cage the ElephantCold War KidsBeautiful Bodies, and the Architects.

Here's the last two sets of the evening featuring the Cold War Kids and Cage the Elephant:

Click here for more Cold War Kids

Click for more Cage the Elephant

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Night One: The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas (Part 1)

Night one of 96.5 the Buzz' annual event "The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas" was held at the Arvest Bank Midland on Dec 19.  The sold-out event featured: Cage the Elephant, Cold War Kids, Beautiful Bodies, and the Architects.

The Architects opened the evening to a good sized crowd of with a solid set of hard-rocking tunes.

Click for more of the Architects
The Beautiful Bodies followed with a high-energy set of tunes off both of their EPs.  Alicia Solombrino and Tommy Becker were not confined to the stage by any stretch.  Featuring crowd surfing and stage diving, the Bodies blew through their 40 minute set of uptempo pop-tinged rock songs.

Click for more Beautiful Bodies

Check back for part 2 of this event featuring the Cold War Kids and Cage the Elephant!